This plant originates from southern China where it has been grown for about 700 years. Its fruit was considered a delicacy by Chinese emperors and it was also used ornamentally
In the early eighteen hundreds it arrived in England and in the nineteen hundreds it became widespread through intensive farming in New Zealand where it found a fairly favourable environment. This explains why its name is taken from the bird which is the symbol of New Zealand. At the end of the nineteen hundreds it spread through Europe and especially in Italy which soon became the second largest producer of this fruit in the world. The kiwi is the key product of Commercio frutta. The production areas are located in various parts of Italy inhabited by the species. Our producer members are in Friuli, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio and Calabria

The boerica variety

The boerica variety currently represents the real improvement alternative to the hayward. For some years now our group has been working toward varietal improvement using the boerica. We are developing a commercial brand of boerica with our partner (jingold) to increase the sales of high quality green pulp kiwis. In the future this will lead to greater remuneration for the producer for a high quality product

The fruit

- Pulp: intermediate green colour and very consistent;
- Exterior appearance: cylindrical and elongated (more than the hayward) and with a length/diameter ratio of 1.44 (for the hayward it is 1.26);
- Calibre: high (average weight exceeding 100g)
- Organoleptic characteristics: excellent flavour, sweet succulent pulp;
- Nutraceutical properties: high content of vitamin c;
- Preservability: good

The plant

- Vigour and productivity: similar to the hayward variety;
- Production efficiency: less production of lateral fruits and therefore with fewer “triple” and deformed fruits;
- Germination: like the hayward;
- Flowering period: ike the hayward;
- Harvest period: like the hayward.
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