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A history of values



In september 1993 the Commercio Frutta company was set up by two founding members with ten years of experience in the commerce of the HAYWARD KIWI. Over the years the company has evolved and broadened its product range to include peaches, nectarines, pears, apricots and strawberries in addition to kiwis.

From the land to the table

Commercio Frutta is involved in the entire supply chain, from the producer to the consumer. The farms are assisted in all aspects of varietal renewal, quality improvement and environmental friendliness. Our technical personnel provide assistance in production, dealing in particular with agronomical and nutritional aspects and protection of the plants against harmful insects, in this regard giving special attention to environmental aspects.
They search for favourable areas where our products can be grown and this is a critical factor for obtaining good wholesome fruit. Our supply chain continues inside the processing plant where each lot is followed by our quality control personnel all the way through to despatch to all the various destinations.

Il Kiwi

This plant originates from southern China where it has been grown for about 700 years. Its fruit was considered a delicacy by Chinese emperors and it was also used ornamentally.


Subscription at KiwiGold Consortium

Subscription at KiwiGold Consortium

Commercio Frutta has asked and obteined the subscription at Consorzio Kiwigold for the planting and the production of yellow persimmon, type Jintao.

New Commercio Frutta’s business image

New Commercio Frutta’s business image

Commercio Frutta changed his clothes and shows itself to his market with a new coordinated business image. The communication project has been entirely realized by Integra Solutions, agency from Forlì.

Commercio Frutta SPA Consortile Società Agricola
Via Trentola, 68
47122 Forlì (FC)
R.E.A. FC 308003
cap. soc. € 150.000,00

Tel. +39 0543.723153
Fax +39 0543.723414
p.i. 03605820400
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